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  Rediscovering the Great Taste of Cedar Cooking

For hundreds of years, Native Americans have used cedar planks for cooking. Even though Cedar Plank Salmon is the best known and most widely used preparation, today, people are rediscovering the subtle gourmet flavor that Cedar Cooking Planks add to a variety of foods. Salmon, fresh fish, vegetables, scallops, shrimp, as well as most meats, like ribs, burgers, steaks, are enhanced by the essence of cedar. Grilling on our Nature's Gourmet™ Cedar Cooking Planks adds moisture and a savory succulent texture to your food.

What's even better, because our planks are thicker and hold more moisture, they can be used right in your oven so you don't need to wait for the Summer or "Grilling Season" to enjoy the great taste of cedar plank cooking. (See TIPS)

As a gourmet cook and an entrepreneur, I like nothing more than sharing a good thing with friends, neighbors and business associates. On occasion, I delight my neighbors with samples of my culinary art. During a visit, I told them about a meeting I had with a cedar wood broker in pursuit of a new business venture. My neighbor, in turn, told me about a recipe she discovered for cooking salmon on a cedar plank. I immediately got a few pieces of cedar plank from my wood source and started experimenting.

Since that day in May I have prepared salmon, ribs and many other foods on planks for hundreds of people including a 4th of July block party. The reaction is always “Wow, what are you doing ...” and “Boy, that was the best tasting ...”

After a little research, I discovered the market for Cedar Cooking Planks was virtually untapped. I knew I could bring a superior product to market at a better price, so I decided to turn my 20 years of advertising sales experience and a great New Taste Sensation into a Cedar Cooking Plank company.

Please take a few minutes to look around our site. If you are not familiar with cedar plank cooking, you will find a lot of information here. If you are familiar, your mouth is most likely watering right now. If you like, you can write to us with questions, comments, suggestions, share a recipe, a story or just say Hello. If you are a retailer, we are always looking for venues to share this Great Taste Sensation and get our product into the consumers hands, please contact us.

Thank you for stopping and Bon Appetit!

- James Anderson, President
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