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A Tasty Product
  The Essence of Cedar

There are hundreds of thousands of cedar planks sold directly to restaurants each year, but mills usually don't establish wholesale customers.

Cedar Import is a wood broker with mill direct relationships that can supply you the size and volume of Cedar Cooking Planks you need to increase your profits. By establishing multiple sources of raw materials and packaging, Cedar Import can overlap orders to meet your demands. There is only a select number of mills that will cut and wrap this size so the competition will be limited because of our previously established relationships with the mills. Cedar Import also maintains warehouse facilities that can handle over 100,000 units.

Our standard size is 12” x 7 3/8” x 11/16”, although thickness and length can be customized. All planks are Western Red Cedar and are kiln dried with a smooth cooking surface and sides. Every package is shrink wrapped with our four color labels that include beautiful photography, cooking instructions, a UPC bar code, as well as recipes on the back of the package. Store branding is also available.

Product samples are available at the request of your buyer. Initial order can take 3-4 weeks depending on volume. Subsequent orders time will be shorter once a demand cycle is determined.

A Tasty Market

There is a culture among people that like to barbecue. They enjoy gourmet food, they like to entertain, they like to impress their friends and they like nothing more then being the first to discover a new grilling sensation.

Cedar Cooking Planks are becoming the new thing in barbecuing circles. People are sharing the experience and great taste with everyone they know.

Our packaging is superior and our product is affordable. It is a perfect gourmet gift idea, a give away to first time buyers to get them started grilling with confidence, and a great promotion to attract new customers or reward loyal customers. In every way, our product is designed to provide you with a tasty new profit center.

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