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A Tasty Way
To Increase Profits

Tasty Profits
  Retail buyers can enjoy a 75-150% markup
  3 different packages satisfy different needs
  Retail displays available for point of purchase (Display Photo)
  Compelling and inviting labeling
  Aggressive marketing strategies
  Our thicker planks provide the perfect blend of moist cedar flavor and smoky cedar taste
  Anyone can cook great tasting food the first time, every time — more repeat sales
  People are rediscovering Cedar Plank cooking and sharing it with everyone
    Why choose
Nature’s Gourmet Cedar Cooking Planks?
      What sets us, and our product, apart?
  Our planks are thicker — our research shows that thicker is better because a thicker plank holds more moisture providing the perfect blend of moist cedar flavor and smoky cedar taste
  Because our planks are thicker and hold more moisture, they can be used in the oven, giving the customer more options and creating more sales in the winter months
  We have a beautiful and compelling label
  We educate the consumer on why to purchase our product — on our packaging, our displays and on our website
  We offer displays and signage to get the product in front of the consumer
  We have a beautiful and well functioning website that is geared to the consumer with tips and recipes
  We offer 3 different standard package sizes/quantities
  We offer custom size products and quantities of packaging
  We have an aggressive marketing strategy and stay engaged with our retailers
  We are committed to working with our retailers to maximize their return on investment
      We have not seen these qualities in any other company selling a similar product. That, combined with our love of food, fun, entertaining and cedar plank cooking and grilling, is why we founded our company. We saw a need for a quality product, excellent service and superior marketing and we are doing our best to fill that need.

If you do not presently carry cooking planks, contact us and we will explore the best way to get you started. If you presently carry another cooking plank product and would like to increase your profits, contact us so we can discuss how to get you started on that path.
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